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Belated birthday presents

Despite the wrapping - this was a birthday present.  (yes, I do feel the need to justify why I opened it!)  One of my friends gave me the most lovely set of pressies (and far too generous too - she reads the blog :)

Felt creations that I fondled fondly in a craft shop near her home. I'd say I'd fondled most of these and then reluctantly put them back when I realised my recent crafty spends.  So this was a particularly pleasant delight when I opened the parcel.

Really looking forward to getting started on these - but I've promised myself that I have to finish another project first - didn't stop me taking them out and giving it a very close inspection!
And finally two critters of the butterfly persuasion.  I'm doubly blessed to have such a good friend from home in New Zealand and one who 'gets' crafty stuff too!

sleigh bells ring

A quick Christmas make, I didn't have a chance to post before Christmas due to the influx of family.  Very small but quite pleased with it and the tinkle it makes when the door is opened. 

advent swap

I've participated in Laalaa's advent swap - and have been opening one gift a day since the start of December.  Unfortunately for my lovely swap partner, it seems my parcel has gone walkabout.  I've sent through details and hopefully it gets sorted soon.
I've had such a lovely time with this and despite the huge effort and the guilt that it hasn't turned up yet for my partner, it was great.   Fernanda also included this wonderful photo album which she made herself in a book binding course.  I can't wait to fill it with special photos and it gives me the impetuous to get some of my favs printed.

Christmas cards 2011 round 2

This is the last round up of Christmas cards (though I have been working on more intensive ones - probably for next year at this rate!).

Tauhara centre

A beautiful summer sunset over the meditation room in the Tauhara centre near Taupo.

Christmas cards 2011 Round 1

I finished up some of the supplies I bought last year for my Christmas cards in Ireland. We've had the house pulled apart and put back together a lot this month as we've had our plumbing system replaced (yes, as painful as it sounds but it was necessary!). Luckily I had some of these cutouts left over from last year and access to my wider stash. The sleigh is slightly out from the card due to foam pads.

This embossed embellishment was from an old Marks and Spencer Calendar. I love the paper. Tracing paper in the background and a metallic card set.

Love this paper and I think the red really pops.

This card was made with a particular friend in mind. She was very disappointed when she lived in Ireland not to have strawberries for her birthday - I now know what she means - yum! Strawberries in December :)

I love the 3D effect of this card and the muted tones are quite nice for it too.

This card is for my grandmother. Luckily a bulk purchase of embossed cutout cards a few years ag…
A photo sent from home - a breath held in and a deep longing for home.

Dunedin Round 2

Occupy Dunedin

Olveston House Gardens

Olveston House

Splashes of colour

An embroidery guild exhibition in the Otago Settlers' Museum - unfortunately the museum itself was under renovations so this was the only exhibition.

This cleric's robes were so different from the Irish ones I've seen.

Other religious embroidery. Such intricate stitching.

I really loved this 3D piece - multiple layers of organza I think I recall.

And cute felt decorations for sale.

Off to the Chinese gardens next door. Chinese tea and pork buns for lunch.

This is a relatively recent build, celebrating the relationship with the Chinese community in NZ and China. The gardens were designed and built by Shanghai builders who constructed the gardens in China first using local Chinese stone and then shipped everything to New Zealand. Can't help but think the carbon footprint it a lot bigger than it should be!

All in all, a lovely weekend in Dunedin.