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Knits to Woven

I had a bit of an adventurous play with woven fabrics on a knit pattern.  While I'm pleased with the final experiment, I failed miserably at creating a wearable garment.  I should have sized up the woven part and now realise quite how forgiving this basic pattern is when its in knit.  I used the free Blank Canvas T and added sleeves.  Fabric was from Global fabrics - rib knit  and Brazil - chiffon woven.   Finished some details with my coverstitch machine.

Capely Capers

This was one of my absolutely favourite makes of 2017.  I finished it just before the New Year and love, love, love it.  Just need to make a dress to go underneath!

Its the second time I've made it up and I've definitely improved my sewing since!  First cape here.  My first make was a little becky home ecky. I had sized up the pattern and it didn't feel right so donated my original and remade it eventually.  So, so glad I did as this is a firm wardrobe adore.
Pattern: Free Peppermint winter cape Fabric: Lining from either a swap or fabric a brac, Cord from stash (Spotties I think originally but its been in my stash quite a while - I think I might have been trying to relive my 1990s cord glory days and then realised I'm a while (or forever) away from sewing some cord trousers for myself. Findings: Closure and iron on embroidery from Made Marion in Wellington - thank you to the lovely Wendy of Sew Biased who helped me choose.

Baby hats, bibs and burps

Another round up of baby makes for expectant friends
pattern: Zaaberry baby hats Fabric: main in Levana Merino Blend (I think - definitely merino though!) and ears in Spotlight fleece (leftovers from this quilt)

Four bandana bibs with Kam snap closures
Pattern: same as these (and STILL can't find the free online pattern) Fabric: Flannel back (leftovers from this make) and quilting cotton from stash - as I've gifted these I *think* I lined them with towelling fabric but don't hold me to it!

And more burp cloths inspired by Gemma of 66 Stitches Pattern: none - just a trusty ruler Fabric: flannel from unused LP's topsheets and quilting cotton from stash. Unlined.

Dribble Makes

Turns out some little persons produce a lot of liquid and simultaneously enjoy nibbling on their carriers.  I made two quick covers so we could remove them after each trip and give them a wash.  

Rather pleased with how they turned out.  But I over engineered the straps and they could have just been straight.  I was able to road test my new snaps tool.

harems and tees

I've been on a baby harem pant making spree.  They're just so quick to make and seem so comfy for the little person.

The black pair above is nuyarn merino from Levana and these the other harem pants are Little Kiwi Closet Hip Hop Harem Pants.  The teal pair below is nuyarn merino for the teal and I would guess cotton lycra for the bands from Fabric A Brac, specially purchased for the little person with her in tow.

I also made a matching long sleeve tee from the Sew NZ Easy Neck Tee pattern.  I messed up on the front pattern piece (I blame my sleep deprived state at the time) and cut the fold on the wrong side.  Quick fix however (thank God for stretch knit fabric) and I just serged up the centre front and continued as normal.

I had a play with my coverstitch machine and much prefer the finish (but still haven't figured out how to get it working consistently for me!).

The final harem pair is merino also from Levana - I made a Tshirt for myself with the fabric and this from…

Reusable wet wipes

There are many baby expenses, we've rapidly discovered.  One is the wet wipe for nappy changes.  I serged a few pieces of fabric to create a more sustainable set.  These get even extra points as they were repurposed from old fabrics - a stained burp cloth below and old sheets above.

Oh Christmas Tree

A super quick but oh so satisfying make.  I've had three pottery houses on my mantle piece for the last few years.  I love how I was able to add a little Christmas colour to the display this year. 

The 'Christmas Tree' is simply a styrofoam cone wrapped in fluffy yarn stuck down with double side tape under the yarn.  I had to use a pin to secure the top (glue didn't quite cut it!).  The styrofoam was reused from a chocolate tower we were gifted.

I'm loving the scale as it fits my wintery scene like a communal Christmas tree.

carding up

I can only imagine these aren't the most interesting of posts to read - so please feel free to pass on by as I post photo after photo of my card makes.  I'm hoping this will be a crazy photo heavy post to get them all out of the way at once!