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Birthday presents

I know its November, but I'm rubbish are working through my photos in a timely manner.  Anyways here's some of the bounty I received for my birthday this year.

little birdie

I bought this bird ages ago and loved the colour, size and shape. I ended up using it for a pirate costume for Halloween but I intend to recreate the pattern for a bird mobile maybe.

More PJs

Another Amy Butler pattern PJ make.  Mostly from stash (I purchased the trim around the ankles).  So quick to sew.  I think I might have to make a third pair to add into the rotation just in case.

Really quite pleased with my little tag at the back.  Nothing like putting your PJs on the wrong way to make going to bed harder!

woolly goodness

yum, yum, yum and all mine!

"Specially developed to be incredibly soft, gentle and smooth for Baby, this yarn is a new blend with natural bamboo and wool fibres. It will keep its quality through gentle machine washing." (link)

This little pile of yarny goodness is going to be a rather bright, rippled, baby blanket.

tiki touring

A few months ago (oophs - took a long time to go through these photos!), BM and I went on a tiki tour via Martinborough and Napier to Gisborne.  We stayed in the Martinborough Hotel.  I loved the room and the hotel was cute but probably more pricey than it desired. 

We wandered around the antique shops in Greytown.  And almost brought this chair home (sanity returned - beautiful chair but we need a roof first!)

BM dressed appropriately for the day in art deco Napier.

 I didn't :)  But I love my shoes regardless.

The really heartening sign when we were there were the strong signs of Spring.  Napier and Gisborner are warmer than Welly and it was great to see that there was an end to the winter coming!

I stopped in a few second hand (op) shops on the way and really loved this shabby chic bunting.  Wouldn't suit my style but I spent a while thinking about who I could buy it for!

I did however come home withe a kiwiana Christmas decoration and a framed map of the East Coast.  I&#…

card stock

A few more card makes.  I think I might have gone a bit over board.  Ah well.  I may just have to start selling them...

the cutest halloween monsters you ever did see

My mother sent me these lovely creatures for my birthday this year.  Aren't they adorable?  They're going to be a regular addition to our mantle in October I think.

They were made by a friend of her's who had almost lost her sight.  She passed away recently and I know my mother thinks about her a lot, so I feel very special having this momento to remember my mother's friend and remember that even when something terrible like failing eyesight happens its all about how you react rather than the circumstances.

elephant parade

After seeing this wonderful pattern on Retro Mama.  I just had to buy it and download immediately.  I used up some of my fat quaters (watch out for that yellow, its currently making its way into a top).  The pink was left over from a dress - which after an extensive search, it seems I never posted about!  Not a great dress and I haven't worn it, so probably just as well...

Anyways... back to the cute elephants...


My rabbit is finished :)

Started in a time that time forgot (I had created one leg years ago!).  Here he is for size with the knitted monsters.