spooky crafts (Tombstone edition)

Wonder what this was for our Halloween party?
$5 wood from DIY store

My first use of our jigsaw.

Three different paint testers (three options for our dining room...)

Plans to paint the dining room gray...

Yup. Fake grave headstones.
 With the primer and the first coat...

Watched intently...

Liberally sprinkled throughout the garden (beside the footpath to the front door).

The first reads "Here lies XXX, God grant he lie still"

Noah Pulse

And M.T. Tomb. 

We're thinking of Noah Pulse for the dining room (they really should change the paint colour name).
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  1. Love them! What a great idea (and a perfect excuse to use power tools!).

    Hope you're having a great week so far.


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