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Christmas Cookies

All I can say is YUM! These were really easy to make and while they did brake my mixer (I seem to have a habit of that!), they were very quick too! I got the receipe on Design Sponge at And a friend of mine gave me the cutters a number of years ago.

Corded Scarf

My flatmate really likes cord (remember the bean bag?) and I made her this scarf for Christmas as she'll be in the Northern Hemisphere and having a proper cold fuelled Christmas. I put a fleecy knit fabric into the centre and I cut square in the fabric so that it would have a patch work effect with the cord lines running the opposite way to the squares above and below it. Feels really soft and oh so warm!

Puttery Pottery

I really like how this vase worked out - and I'm keeping one of them! I like the shape and the glaze worked out really well! Its two colours and when they mix, they give the pink colour. (The flowers are good too but I can't take credit!)


I'm setting up my garden for summery (joys of the Southern Hemisphere) foodie goodness!

Christmas Cards 2008 (part 2)


Christmas Cards 2008 (part 1)

I didn't have much time for Christmas cards this year - and the ones home will be very very late! But its the thought that counts, right??!

Cards, envelopes and presents

I adapted a paper kit doll (it was female) into a male cowboy for a friend's birthday in a few days time. I hope he likes it. The cowboy was originally wearing a miniskirt and had plaits - they got converted into shorts and the extra hair became a moustache!

I've been wrapping my Christmas presents this week (pox on that international postage deadline!) and used some old maps that were going to the recycle bin in work - hey, reuse is better right??!

Christmas Presents - Apron

My mother asked for an apron when I was last home a few months ago. I finally got around to making one. I quite like it, though its not in the colours I would have chosen if I was making it for myself. And as I'm living in a different country I hope my aesthetic hasn't changed too much and she actually likes it. Fingers crossed!


I've finally gotten around to sewing up some napkins (bias binding and craft quilt fabric). Hopefully I'll be a little more environmentally friendly!


Another pottery class creation. This was molded from one of the class' molds. I really like the glaze. And you're right my signature isn't really like that!

Jugs and bowls

The next lot of pots from my pottery class. Milk jug is finished and goes with the sugar bowl from an earlier firing and two small dipping bowls I'll be gifting to one of the girls in work who says she wants them (go figure!).


It was my grandmother's birthday this month and she's not particularly keen on gifts so I wanted to make something that would show I was thinking of her but she didn't have to store!

The pattern is from a great blog ( which has a load of free small patterns. I used variegated thread (same thread but the colour changes for an autumnal look.

beanie bean bag

I finished this a little while ago but it took a while to come around to the idea that it takes 200 ltrs of beans to fill it and not just one. Ok, fine - I was just too lazy to go and buy the second lot!

Its made of green cord and from instructions on

Its an odd shape and I had to put in darts to make the sides line up with the top and bottom. I'm not sure if this was me or the original pattern. This way its very long and almost pear shaped. I was expecting a bit more of an orange! But it is comfy and this way it can have a back you put against a wall!

With the top folded over!

Creating the pattern.

The top and bottom pieces.

I added a zip to the bottom so it can be removed. Though I was too lazy to create an inside bag so the beans will need to be removed if the zip is used to open and wash the bag! (Ah well!)

Quite happy with the outcome. I would make it squatter and rounder the next time (if there is one!).


This was way too decadent not to share!