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What Peggy Sent

I had the most wonderful parcel in the post recently.  Full of delights and surprizes.  Kim of What Peggy Said ask if anyone was interested in a craft swap - how could I not be?  With a wonderful mix of adorable Peggy (her dog) photos, style inspiration and crafty delishiness.  I just had to put my hand up ...and only barely refrain from begging :)

I came home to a washi taped parcel with one of her lovely prints (currently waiting to be added to a wall display in my study/craft room), earrings, necklace (adore!), earrings and stitch markers (though I only recently found out what these were from Kim's blog - I had thought that they were charms! I'll probably end up using them as both!).

I think the button is my absolute favourite.  I kept returning to the parcel and getting it out.  Fondling is definitely a word springing to mind...

My rather curious cat also approves (though I think he might like a charm/stitch marker for himself!).  I wore the necklace into work this week a…

intense concentration

Not only is one of our cats fascinated by fabric, he also seems to be developing a love of crochet too.  I think I might just have to teach him one of these days...

think pink

A series of cards, made manically.  I was given a book voucher as a thank you recently and choose some great stickers and card backgrounds.  I love how some of these turned out.  Far too many to show individually :)

sugar rush

I've been having not such a hot week and on Thursday came home to this over the top very early birthday present.  Yes, I did.  I skipped dinner and ate until I was slightly ill (though I paced myself admirably!).

Man, I'd forgotten how wonderful Chipstix are! All the more wonderful for not being expected :)

lacy scarf

This scarf was part of a wonderful craft swap with the colourful and cheery What Peggy Said (aka Kim - though I have a very hard time not thinking of her as Peggy, even though I clearly know that's her dog's name).  Kim mentioned on her blog that she was keen to exchange and I couldn't help saying I'd love to take part.  So a white cotton, lacy, crochet scarf winged its way across the world to her.  As I was making it my aunt saw it and ordered one (nearly finished!).  I hope Peggy Kim likes it!

calling for summer

Its definitely turned into spring here in New Zealand.  But the spring here is so different from an Irish one that its taken me five years to get a feel for it and not be taken in by the 'warm spells' as being the start of the good weather.  Last year there were a few really good days - really spring like and then we had snow.  But the days are getting longer and the few good days remind me that summer is coming and the cold snaps are easier to bear with some flowers blooming in the garden and some cut flowers inside.

fluke's chairs

I recently attended an openning exhibition in the Southern Cross.  The artist is a friend of mine and he was showcasing his latest work - cheers chairs.  Check out his etsy shop at

Of course my photos are dreadful :)

an overlocker outing

I busted out my overlocker to convert this former dress into a top.  I'm a tad low on ones I like so quite pleased with this transformation! :)

Greedy for colour

I was so incredibly lucky to win my first bloggy give-away.  Kate from the wonderful, bright, cheery and inviting blog Greedy for Colour.  Kate makes the most amazing crocheted creations!  Stanley rabbits and other fairyland creations.  I think my personal favourite at the moment is her wonderful crocheted trees.

Kate hosted a giveaway for Banks and Co. Peony and Rata hand wash and was kind enough to include some cheery paper in the package as well!

Thanks again!