What Peggy Sent

I had the most wonderful parcel in the post recently.  Full of delights and surprizes.  Kim of What Peggy Said ask if anyone was interested in a craft swap - how could I not be?  With a wonderful mix of adorable Peggy (her dog) photos, style inspiration and crafty delishiness.  I just had to put my hand up ...and only barely refrain from begging :)

I came home to a washi taped parcel with one of her lovely prints (currently waiting to be added to a wall display in my study/craft room), earrings, necklace (adore!), earrings and stitch markers (though I only recently found out what these were from Kim's blog - I had thought that they were charms! I'll probably end up using them as both!).

I think the button is my absolute favourite.  I kept returning to the parcel and getting it out.  Fondling is definitely a word springing to mind...

My rather curious cat also approves (though I think he might like a charm/stitch marker for himself!).  I wore the necklace into work this week and got two compliments - so its not just me that loves it.  Though the photos don't do it justice.

And what did I send the marvellous and most generous Kim?  This...
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  1. You're such a sweetie! I'm so glad you liked the bits and pieces I sent you. The charms/markers can be used either way- my local bead shop has the most gorgeous charms- I couldn't resist them!

    I'm glad everything made its way safely to you! x


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