Garden Update

Considering most of my family and friends are deep, deep in winter snow and have been advised to stay at home - I thought it was about time for an update on my summer veggie garden :P

Seriously though, these were on  my camera for ages and considering I dragged you through the proud moments of planting, I thought an update might be in order (unfortunately since these were taken two of the lettuces have decided to bolt - fingers crossed I've encouraged them to hang around to feed me for a while longer).  The strawberries are doing really well but I need to put bird netting over them.
Despite having two cats, it seems they're not safe (partly due to the bells on the cats to stop them eating the native and endangered wildlife).

The good tomato plants...

and the bad tomato plants.  Unfortunately some of these aren't getting nearly enough sun and one of the plants already died :(  I don't think these guys are going to be producing at all this year.

And my lettuce in a bowl!


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