Crochet Picnic Blanket

Its a beautiful sunny day here in Middle Earth and I managed to get bright photographs of my FINISHED picnic blanket - oh did I shout that? Terribly sorry and all that! I really love it and am so happy that I managed to stick with it over the six months it took to finish. I've been missing working on some crochet and can't seem to get into some unfinished cross stitch pieces I have lying around the place. My grandmother suggested at one point using the same colours I started with to finish this up but as I had gotten them in a kit for a scarf and was travelling through a number of continents with this blanket in tow (seriously, I think its seen more airports than the average Kiwi- the person, not the bird or fruit for that matter). But thankfully when I was thinking of how to finish it I found a colour very similar to my first and used that. So happy with it!


  1. Tá sé go hálainn, Maith thú!

  2. Oh it looks wonderful hope you both have fab picnics on it now
    xxxx Auntie M

  3. The photo of this blanket just took my breath away. It is simply gorgeous. I only wish that I could have one like right now -- shoulda started six months ago! :)

  4. Oh..ripples! My dream of starting making some ripple blanket or cover!
    The shading of your picnic blanket is just perfect! Keep it up!

  5. Six month project turned into beautiful,wonderful.Thanks for sharing.


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