Bright Cards

A few more cards for my expanding collection - I really need to meet more people or start to sell these.  I've been following the Taylored Expressions blog for a while - it showcases a number of card making ideas and products.  I haven't bought anything from them - in case you're beginning to think this is a sales pitch!  But I finally got around to see how their card templates work as a basic starting point - I tried this one out.  And I like the two cards I produced as a result.  Of course, I couldn't stomach having leftovers and finished up the paper with the other few cards on this page.

I think this is my favourite and strangely is my screensaver at work at the moment.  I definitely wouldn't have put as much on the card if I hadn't been working to a template so it was good to get out of my comfort zone.  (I also like that it looks like a flower against the sun and that I thankfully had paper and stickers that I think worked together really well.)


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