Getting my vintage vogue on

Last year before things got hectic and while I was in Melbourne for a few months, I decided to put my sewing skills to the test and resize a fairly basic vintage vogue pattern I fell in love with and purchased off etsy.


Its a quick and easy pattern so I thought it shouldn't be too hard to do a FBA and resizing. I made a muslin and then sewed up the final version.  BUT by the time I'd finally added a zip (as I'd fallen out of love with it) I was a bit too pregnant and it still doesn't fit!  Gah!  The FBA needed more FBA for my current feeding baby size so at some point in the future I wonder if it'll work again.

However, I learnt loads!  And think the pattern on the fabric is a little too busy for my liking on me (though I still love it in the abstract).  I can't remember what I did with my resized pattern pieces as it occurs to me that I'm in need of tops like this for work (but don't think I can quite face how much work it would take to get it to fit my current body shape).


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