Bear hat

Another free craftsy pattern - although crochet this time: I adapted the Newborn Baby Bear Hat from Tampa Bay Crochet.  BoJ is rapidly outgrowing some seriously cute hats we were gifted and I wanted to up my crochet game.  The yarn is Peter Pan Merino Baby wool DK from Knitworld in Wellington.

I made the head size bigger by putting in another increase row and given how tight my stitching is also increased the hook size to 7mm.  I also changed the ear pieces into circles which I then sewed on - not sure how effective that was.  The original folded half circles might have worked better.

Of course, now its finished I'm convinced its too big.  We'll have to wait and see when winter arrives.  I'm tempted to crochet up another one using a smaller hook and see which will work better.


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