Wrapping and Lavender

 I spent a lot of time on Saturday wrapping Christmas presents.  It seems so early to be doing it in November but the guaranteed postal deadline to Ireland is rapidly approaching.  On a quick jaunt out of the house this morning, I spied the two final gifts I needed to send home.  They gift wrapped them in the shop and I may just find it too hard to post the gifts - too, too cute!  I love how they're wrapped.

I also managed to finish a few lavendar sachets.  I embellished the fabric a little with a few words and some embroidered texture.  All three of these are already assigned in my head... Two to mothers to be when they are :)  And one as a token Christmas present.  I think lavendar is probably one of my favourite scents.

Finally, I also finished wrapping all my gifts for an advent swap I'm participating in.  Just need to send them off soon!  I really enjoyed wrapping each one a little differently and hope that the recipient enjoys receiving, openning and then actually using the gifts.  I've been paired up with a lovely lady in Brazil - she's between blogs at the moment but as soon as she gets one up and running, I'll post a link here.

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