Beading adventures

I've been organising my craft room - not that anyone outside of me will think its more organised - I can picture my mother grinning as she reads this (she had a lot to put up with when I was younger!).

But I've collated all of my beading supplies and should the mood take me, it'll be a lot easier to make jewellery. I made up two different necklaces with my current supplies. One for a gift and one to wear specifically to match some of my current clothing choices.

Yup, the longer necklace made it on to my jewellery board. The board was also a recent fix up. I bought a frame from a second hand shop and used an old pin board to make up a nicer version to display my wares - I'm far more likely to wear them now.

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  1. Love the way you have displayed your necklaces, definitely something I should be doing! Both necklaces are fab! x


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