Crochet ornaments

I made up these crocheted circles in the centre of these ornaments last year as I thought this might be a nice addition to my hexagon blanket.  But they just didn't pop when they were finished.  However, a friend of mine thought they were cute and wanted them for her Christmas tree.  It took me a year but I finally got some time to put them together into something 'tree' worthy.  I added some stuffing between two circles and crocheted a border. added some buttons and coloured beads and they're all wrapped up for delivery for a Christmas birthday.  And yes, the organised beading stash did come in handy almost immediately!

The monkey hangers were from Urban Outfitters and were a UK purchase last year.  They're currently residing on a cupboard in the kitchen and we use them to hang shirts after our weeking ironing sessions.  Nice and inobstrusive for the rest of the time too!

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  1. Lovely creations :) They are something you could hang in your home all year around not just for Christmas :)

    All things nice...


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