Thank yous and a snake

A thank you card for a friend who house and cat sat when BM came to visit me in Ireland.  We have two black cats who caused her a few brushes with the law!  Our alarm is monitored and the cats managed to sneak into the house twice while my friend was leaving the house and set off the alarm later, immediately notifying the police and monitoring company... Eek!

A thank you card for Toby's friends who we went to visit in Cairo.  Photos of that trip will be found eventually!

One of the things I missed the most when I was home was my sewing machine and dressmaking classes.  I had a half finished dress when I left and one of my mother's friend kindly finished it off for me on her machine (probably to a much higher standard than I would have managed!).  I'll have to post a photo of the dress soon.

Finally a card for BM to say hi while I was away. As you may or may not know, St Patrick is famous for driving all the snakes out of Ireland - but if you look closely enough you'll realise he may have missed one!  BM thought it was really strange that you can buy snakes in Ireland in pet shops - New Zealand (which missed out on St Patrick) doesn't have snakes but also has a much tighter control over what animals can and can't be sold in the country.


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