house update (again)

We've had an offer on our current house and managed to negiotate upward to something approaching what we wanted to sell at.  Unfortunately they also asked for the washing machine and the dryer so we'll have to do without a dryer in the new house for a few months and buy a washing machine fairly soon after we move in.  Its been a really interesting and stressful process.  I really didn't enjoy working with the real estate agent and found a number of reasons to mistrust them.  I also didn't like negotiating at one remove - hearing details about the buyers from the real estate agent and wondering what he was saying about us.  Its left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth over the whole thing. 

But after a bit more sleep, I'm feeling far more contented.  And I'm happy it looks like we've sold!  No more obsessive cleaning up each morning and evening!  We have another week to wait until its all finalised - they have to get a title search and more importantly get financing.  So we have to keep our fingers crossed for a little longer and hope for the best by the end of next week.  The cats have been in the cattery since the house went on the market and we're looking forward to getting them back again. The place is really too quiet without them :)

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  1. Fingers crossed!! Delighted the saga is coming to an end, M x

  2. hmm.... all is well that ends well... dont worry about the old stuff you have to part with but be happy you are gonna buy new :)
    and i started loving your cards already ...


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