Another selections of cards and a house update

So!  We've handed over my life's savings and now own 'An Teach Gorm' or the blue house in Irish.

We've had a whirlwind of emotions over the last week and its likely to continue apace.  We had two groups of people through the house on Thursday and another group on Saturday.  One of these was a definite no and the other two are in the 'maybe' pile.  We had our first open home on Sunday and 16 groups came through then.  One of them in particular seemed pretty serious but we haven't heard anything since and its now Tuesday evening.  Still waiting on some feedback from the real estate agent and that's proving tricky!  But its still a lot nicer than having to do the open home myself and hearing all the things people don't like about the house first hand!  Though I wouldn't mind installing a camera just to hear them but not have to be polite back!  Fingers crossed... And happy thoughts...

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  1. Keep your thoughts positive. All will be good.


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