Corners of my room

This last year has been a lot about change.  I spent six months in the Northern Hemisphere and based myself at Maynooth but on my visits home to my parents, I tidied and sorted and sorted some more.  I now have three boxes of memories in Ireland and the rest of my belongings are winging (or rather sailing) their way to New Zealand (after some serious issues with Sevenseas).  These are photos I took of some bits around my room or rather the guest room in my parents' house.  I originally bought the clay house for BM's mother but didn't remember to post it in time for Christmas and as it looks good there, it might be a while before I pass it on.  The photograph is a friend of mine from undergrad days and one particularly memorable halloween party.  The teaset was passed on to me by my grandmother and was originally my aunts (who got quite a surprize seeing it again!).  I really love the chest of drawers that they all sit on.  It curves in at the side and has a slight magical warped quality to it.

The art has actually been packed up and is being sent here (I hope!).  The mirror in the last photo is no longer in my room as we replaced the curtains and it made the room too busy!  Such a pity I loved it.  I'm hoping to put something similar in the Teach Gorm after we move in.

We've had one repeat viewing of our house and they left with the intention of seeing it again this week - so we're keeping our fingers and toes firmly crossed. :)


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