Other corners of my home

I took a few photographs of different features in my parents house before I left in December.  Its strange what catches your eye when you deliberately walk around a house you know so well with a camera.  I limited myself to three pictures and these are the features I took.  Not the most obvious but I do like the different patterns.

Picture 1 is a wooden cut out I bought my brother soon after I moved to New Zealand - he's moved out but the cut out remains.

Pix 2. This is the wall paper in the hallway of my parent's house.  Its papered to the midway point of the wall and above that and a dado rail is painted.  They're the palate of colours I associate with my mother, soft browns and warm neutrals.  Unfortunately my brother (of the dragon above) wasn't so flattering and said the house now looked like a B&B.  Though I'm not so sure that's particularly scathing.  

Picture 3. The sitting room has been completely repainted (from a light peachy colour to a cream), but the bronze balls remain.  These were a present for my mother last year.  I love the ornate design!


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