The trials of creating a cozy hottie cover

It seems strange blogging about a hot water cover in the middle of Spring.  However, the slackness of my blogging explains much of the seasonal mismatch.  It should have been a fairly easy sewing project BUT...

I measured the hottie without water in it and fitted the cover too securely so had to abandon the first one (above) as it was too small when I actually added water to the hot water bottle (or hottie as they are called in NZ).  I even managed some lime green trim on the back!

The whole thing was lined in minky fabric.  Delish!

Ah well.  On to round 2.  Same fabric but had to cut into virgin stuff :(

I picked out one of the fish in the front with some embroidery thread.

Added a second fabric to the back and finished off with three orange buttons.  Those button holes really tested my patience!  Eventually I used tissue paper to overcome the cantankerous nature of the minky.

I've another one of these to make as I have a third hot water bottle that is currently wandering around the house naked surprizing naive house guests.  I've plans to put something between the fabric and the minky to see if I can get a bit more insulation.


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