March of the Elephants

In January of this year, I went to a wedding in Marlborough and really needed something to do on the boat - or rather thought that I did as I didn't get too far in my stitching on the trip.  And then lost the instructions.  Ah well.  Some things were never meant to be and strangely enough a flock of sheep in my life wasn't that appealing to begin with!

So I switched to elephants instead.

I love my Jo Verso cross stitch books but rarely seen to stitch much any more.  I think sewing might have taken over as my major hobby (it would be wonderful if that meant I didn't just accumulate bits of things from beading, cross stitching, card making, etc. that I can't bear to get rid of! - NO MORE NEW Hobbies.  Definitely. Maybe.).

How could you not want a train of elephants in your life?


  1. I'll have a train of elephants anytime! I've got three Jo Verso books, they are great and full of designs to use. Mine tend to spend time on the shelves not opened...


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