Christmas Wreath

It might seem a little early to be posting about Christmas (and it most certainly is!) but I did start this last year.  And only finally finished it.

I present my crochet wreath.  Rather pleased about how it turned out with its multitude of green shaded leaves.  

There was a serious number of ends to sew in though.

Here it is on the front door (though its currently residing in my study as its far too early to put it up!). 

There's five different types of leaves, four of which are crocheted and the final one is cut from felt.  Interspersed with silver beads of different sizes.

I used the same light green to crochet up some of the leaves and make the crocheted backing 'fabric' for the foam circle.  One some of the light green ones I also added a few beads to the spikes of the leaves when I crocheted them up.  I've quite a few crocheted leaves left and plan on using them for Christmas cards this year if they look ok with a paper backing.

Yarn: Acrylic from stash (I think purchased for this crochet blanket) and also from Made Marion (blogged here).


  1. It looks fantastic! Was wondering what you were planning on doing with them all.


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