Dali and spaceships and more about houses

A Dali inspired card and a few others...  I love how the spaceship worked out too!
We've had our offer accepted on the big blue house (as I'm calling it) and we just need to sort out a builders' report, a valuer and check with the council about planning permissions and such like.  We also need to sell BM's current house (eeek!).  But other than that, I'm wandering about the place fielding calls from the real estate agent and giggling randomly to myself.  BM is finding it much easier to act like a normal sane person :)

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  1. So, so delighted you got the house you wanted.

  2. Thanks for stopping in to see me!
    I do hope you will come again!

    Have a great night!

    Ciao Bella!
    Creative Carmelina

  3. Oh how exciting, you will have to share some photographs with us all :) Keep us posted. Love your new creations too

    All things nice...


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