spaceships etc.

Man I have a tonne of cards to post and not all of them pretty!  But  I'm very pleased with the first one above and the second one looks so much better in real life.  I love using my blog to document the different cards I make.  Its really nice to have a visual record. 

I'm particularly excitable at the moment as we went to see a house I love for the second time today and I still like it and on second viewing didn't find any nasty surprizes.  We're hopefully putting in an offer on Monday and fingers crossed, it works out!  Its much closer to work so I look forward to having more time and being less stressed as well as having a house to decorate and changeabout!  That really should be a lot of fun.  Unfortunately it'll mean putting BM's current house on the market and tidying it up for showing.  The median selling time for our local area is a month and a half so it's likely that I'll have to keep the house spick and span for all that time.   Eeek!  Fingers crossed, peeps!

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