What travelling with a crocheter actually means...

I started this scarf back in NZ and just love, love, love (in a jumping up and down in a very excited way) the colours and the yarn. I got the first ball as a present from my brother (ahem) for Christmas.

I finally finished the scarf in the airport and got BM to model it! He took it back home with him and I'll sew in the ends on my return in Jan (scarves in the summer are such fun!).

This was what also comprises of my carry on luggage. A friend is an avid hunter and I brought him back a New Zealand magazine in the airport. It seems that hunting in NZ is very different. Its seen as environmentally friendly/sustainability driven as it keeps the population of invasive species like deer and possums down and protects natives like the shy kiwi and as a result some hunters are really unexpected!

Hong kong is my favourite airport. I had a leg and back massage in the airport and happily wandered around looking at the more exotic fruit displays in the cafes and spending some time in Muji.

And I started a new blanket for a friend on the way home (from the wool above).  Its the same repeating pattern as the scarf but on a bigger basis and the wool is a lovely soft and warm merino.


  1. What a lot of travelling you do. It must be great to have crochet to do when you're waiting at airports, making it a productive instead of boring time! Love your scarf and soft blanket - beautiful.
    Helen x

  2. Thanks! Anything to pass the time!


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