Its a miracle

My brother sent me some packets of dried miracle fruit (go on look it up - definitely worth a read) for my birthday last year. Just before I left NZ we hosted a miracle fruit tasting party and I sent invites to friends. I had a lot of fun making the invites but by the end of the 20 or so remembered why I didn't try to make sets all at once.

Miracle fruit turns sour things sweet and I happily chowed down on limes and lemons as if they were oranges. Though I got a nasty surprize when I tasted hummous. I thought the taste had worn off and just got something out of the fridge for our guests. Ick. Sugary, sweet hummous. The photo above is the table set with all manner of sour goodness (note the sour worm sweets - not particularly worth repeating!).

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