I have a serious thing about maps...
So I just had to include it in this card for BM for our anniversary. And I wrapped up the pocket squares too.

We went for dinner in Logan Brown and BM surprized me at work by wearing his tux to dinner. I think the people in the restaurant thought we were nuts. Wellington is generally very dress down so it was quite a departure!


  1. That was so sweet of him! Who cares what the others thought, it was a special day for both of you and that's all that matters. Happpy Anniversary to you both. Love your card by the way!

  2. Had no idea it was your anniversary. Hope you both had a great night. See you soon. Ann T.

  3. Oh that sounds lovely, happy anniversary. I hope all is well in New Zealand as my cousins live there and I've heard all about the earthquake, sounded very scary!

    All things nice...

  4. Happy Anniversary! I love using maps in designs too.Your card looks very special.
    Helen x

  5. Oophs - I didn't quite make clear that I'm still in Ireland and just clearing out my backlog - so this was from a few months ago. Sorry guys!


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