spicy chorizo soup

I was going through my photos this morning (I'm on holidays until the end of September!!!) so expect a catch up in posts. I have a ton of cards I've made over the last while and I'll try to get them out of the way in a few posts. I'm frantically trying to make my way through my supplies so I don't have to ship them back to New Zealand - its an environmental thing (ha ha!). Thankfully, I seem to have relations who are keen to take job lots off my hands as soon as I've made them. I think I've made about 200 since my arrival in Ireland in July and only have about 40 on hand at the moment. Scared yet? Don't worry - I'll group the posts so you can skip over them! I normally limit myself to 4 photos in a post as that's what picasa allows before you have to upload through blogger. But needs must and all that - I don't think I could handle posting only four at a time.

Any none of this has to do with the photo above. BM made this in July (its winter in NZ) and when I saw it this morning, thought it would be yummy today. Strange how suitable September is for spicy soups! Speaking of BM - he arrived to visit until the end of September so we'll be gallavanting around the place. We've booked a trip to Egypt to visit friends of his and have managed to get ourselves on a short Nile cruise (a night I think). Should be a lot of fun and I'd better remember to pack my camera. I don't know if we'll have a lot of time to tour Ireland as planned - unfortunately this year is pretty busy in work and both BM and I have things we'd like to finish up over the hols so we'll be doing a bit of work (but not as intensive as a full work day!) and will probably not stray as far. I've plans of sea kayaking but will have to play that one by ear when I see how jet lagged and work stressed the boy is!
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  1. I look forward to seeing your cards. Have fun on your adventures!
    Helen x


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