Veggie Garden Part 3 - the lettuce edition

Well here it is!  In all its waterlogged glory.  We have had serious downpours today.  Ick!  But that hopefully means these little beauties will start settling in so they can grow big and strong, so I can come along and eat them - doesn't seem fair really.
I planted a ton of lettuce - 6 rocket and then a mixed pot so we should have some interesting varieties.  And mixed in a few marigolds to keep those pesty bugs away.
This is a trio of tomatoes - and that's it!  You've seen the veggie garden beginning, I really hope to get lots of grub from this and fresh fresh salad in long summer days that seem just so far away on a cold, wet, windy  night in Middle Earth.  :)



  1. food from your own kitchen garden!! nothing can match in taste most important feeling... best part, its gonna be totally organic.. good luck!!

  2. Am loving the installments! Great to see what's happening in your garden :-)

    M x


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