Library Magic

It seems I was behind the curve on the use of tin cans as vases - Country Living got there in Janruary this year.  Yup, I've been to the local library again.  I don't really like magazines unless there's something I love on every page - which to be honest is highly unlikely but the option of taking them out of the library and looking through them before I go to bed or while I have my breakfast and then returning them is great!

The covers are beautifully laid out and the colours are usually edible (maybe that's just me!).

The other benefit is that, though New Zealand seasons are in polar opposition to the Northern Hemisphere ones, I can choose the appropriate months for here even if they don't match up. :)

I was so taken with this beautiful gate - not quite appropriate for the street I live on at the moment, but wonderful inspiration to store up for the future perhaps! :)


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