How To: Baby's Bib

Cute fabric (one meter will make two bibs and bias binding)

Terry toweling or hand towel (this can be patterned)
Thread in complementary color (I used white in this example)
Embroidery thread for decoration (orange used here)
Bias binding (or make your own in the same fabric) 1.64 cm

Needle for embroidery
Rotary cutter (can use scissors if you prefer)
Sewing machine
Tailor's chalk or washable fabric marker
Paper (to make the pattern)
Pins (pin cushion optional)
Stitch unpick (best to have one handy!)

1. Assemble your fabric and tools :)
2. Cut 1m and 64 cm of bias binding for surround of bib and neck ties (see instructions on how to make bias binding in next post). The binding I created was 4cm wide. This worked out well as my sewing machine speed is hard to control.
3. Make the pattern by printing this photograph out to size or by using the measurements marked.
I used a jar to draw the curves on the pattern and for around the neck area.
4. Cut one in toweling and fabric on fold.

5. Cut out shape of decoration (bird example above and car and apples at end of tutorial) in the main fabric or a complementary fabric. I used tailor's chalk to draw the shapes first and see if I liked them.
6. Pin shapes onto the toweling. Make sure the shape is at least 2cm in from the side of the toweling (more if you can manage it).

7. Blanket stitch around the decoration shapes onto . This will keep the fibres together and mean that there's no loose threads. Be careful not to use buttons as the future owner of the bib may enjoy eating them too much!
8. Place decorated toweling face outwards over backing fabric. Turn to the backing fabric and pin the bias binding around the outside of the backing fabric and toweling.

9. Sew the three pieces of fabric together at 0.5cm from the fabric edge.

10. Fold the binding over the front of the fabric. Fold the excess fabric in half (first image below - pin for illustration only) and fold over the front of the fabric. Pin around bib.

11. Sew at 1.0cm from edge of fabric.
12. Take remaining binding and pin at centre to back of neck area. Sew at 0.5cm from edge of fabric.
13. Fold fabric to front (as above for surround of bib), pin and sew from edge of toweling around neck to edge of toweling.
14. Iron remaining binding (which extends from neck area) to fold over 1cm from edge on both sides and then on top of itself. Fabric should be 4 pieces thick and raw edges should be tucked away into the centre of the folds. Pin to hold together.
15. Sew a few millimetres from open edge.
16. Decide on lenght of neck ties (you should have a little bit more than you want). Use the button hole stitch to seal the ends of the ties and trim.


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