The Birthday Bag

There's been a lot of bag making and general craftiness going on. Though I'm posting them all as separate posts just to make it seem like I actually have a blog!

I got some great fabric in Spotlight. I used the dotty fabric above to make the bag and some cotton flannel to provide some padding for the handles.

Ta da! The finished bag! Its not lined and that actually proved to be a bigger hassle than lining the thing. Though I did do some french seams and the next time I'll use a jeans needle to sew through all the fabric - it was too much for my little sewing machine and the normal needle and I had to finish it off by hand! Eeekk - that's what sewing machines are for!

And here's the card and bag together for my friend. I also made her a chocolate cake. I even managed to make it while she was in the house talking to one of my housemates as I had an altercation with the mixer before she got to our house (it started smoking, badly and the motor burnt out - goodbye little mixer). So I had to mix by hand (do you see a theme starting?). Anyway, the card is obviously fake fur!


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