Bag Lady no. 2 and a thank you!

I had a girl working with me for a month as an intern and I wanted to make her something to say thank you before she left. So its Bag No. 2. It was lined this time :) A much easier endeavor!

Again with the fabric from Spotlight (what can I say I'm addicted!). My intern was with me picking out the one for my friend and liked this so I quickly grabbed a meter and made a bag out of it for her.Close up of the button detail. I love reusing my scraps this way!

I also made her a chocolate cake (its going to be my new thing!). A friend of my mother's made this cake for us when we were small and she still makes one for my brother for Christmas as he doesn't like Christmas cake (with him on that one!) and Christmas pudding (what's not to like!). She was kind enough to pass on the receipe and I'm in love! So a joint thank you: to C for the cake receipe and to N for being a great intern!


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