Little Teapot High Tea

I'm still woefully behind on uploading and blogging my pictures.  This visual feast is from the WSBN visit to the Little Teapot in Kilbirnie organised by the wonderful Kat.

Behind the three tiers of calories, you get glimpses of the Papercut Watson Jacket (by Zara of Offgrid Chic).  I've one of these in the final stages of completion - I chickened out of doing the buttonholes myself and have actually paid someone to do them for me!  Also peeking out is the Star Wars creation that is Joy's dress - also self made - awesome print, no?

What high tea would be complete without a knitted tea cozy.  A tea cozy is the next crochet project I plan on starting.  Though I still have to blog about three blankets (just finished the last one yesterday).

Given the Kilbirnie location, Emma, Gemma and I also visited Stitchbird - a predominantly quilting store in Kilbirnie.  Some cute craft patterns and quilting inspiration.  I don't end up buying much as quilting isn't a passion but much cuteness.  Since its too late to say that this year is the year I finish a quilt (optimistic, eh?) - I'm formally announcing my intention to finish one before the end of 2016!  


  1. Great photos, and I had no idea this pic of me was floating around, thank you!


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