Handmade Dumplings

This was the first year I went to anything at Handmade Wellington.  Normally I just find it ridiculously overpriced for stuff that I can figure out how to do on my own.  This year I went to a handmade dumpling class and a stevia talk.

This wasn't how mine turned out - but it is from the House of Dumplings who ran the workshop.

So earlier than I would have liked on a Sunday morning, I toddled off to Weltec on Cuba Street to make some dumplings. I'm normally a morning person but that morning, it just wasn't happening.  The class was a little too large and we didn't quite get to do all the stages ourselves - pity as I would have liked to figure out more about when the dough was good to go.  The intro to the class also took an age - and ate into our 'doing' time.  It is great to get everyone to introduce themselves but not in that size of a class with to and fro questions and then not enough time at the end :(

We were given prepared dough and told at the time how much spinach or beetroot to add but unfortunately weren't given this written down anywhere.

The fun part was making different dumpling shapes. 

We had a vegan and a pork version.  Annoyingly though we rolled our own dough, we didn't get to use it to make the dumplings so I couldn't tell if I'd rolled mine too thin/thick or if the person's dough I used did.  A number of mine seemed to be too thin and just fell apart when I added the mixture and tried to manipulate it into the different shapes.  Pity.

My lovely creations!  I was running really late so there's no photos of the finished products.  I haven't been tempted to make them since - as I didn't feel like I got a good idea of the different stages, I know when/if I make them at home, I'll have to allow a good bit of time to experiment.


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