Bread Maker

Woohoo! We got us a bread maker!  All that doughy goodness.  Its a fascinating machine given to us by friends who were moving - so double score!

Chuck in the ingredients (in the right order) and watch it do its magic...

Ta-dah! One loaf of freshly baked heavenly bread.

And a doughy dough hook in the bread pan.

And a strange hole underneath :)

We've gotten a lot of mileage out of the machine already.  Making fresh bread to go with soup, rolls for BBQs and dinner parties and frozen rolls for thawing and heating if you have a spare 8 hours :)
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  1. I am jealous! I would love a breadmaker, but we have such a tiny kitchen there would be nowhere to put it. I look forward to hearing more of your breadmaking adventures!


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