A little early

I finally finished up a card kit I bought at least five years ago.  Each card, while beautiful, was a huge time sink but I'm so happy I stuck with them and finally finished them off.  At least I'll have a ton of cards ready for next year!  The photo above shows the three different threads I ended up using.  I wanted to work through stash and managed to finish off some gold thread I would have struggled to find another use for!  Of course, because I purchased the kit so long ago I can't remember where I got them from!  The photo below is the inside of the card - they're tri-folds and the stitches are held in place with sellotape.  I love how messy and pretty the inside looks.

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  1. These are really gorgeous - I love the inside too x

  2. What a brilliant idea!!!! I love them!!!!!...



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