Some DIYing

We've been our new house since April and I finally feel like we're getting bits and pieces sorted.  Unfortunately the builder's report we had done for the house, wasn't great and we've discovered bits and pieces that need fixing.  But we've got them on a list and we're working through them!  Last weekend's job was to remove built in shelves from our living room.  We had a guy in to replace floorboards and as we had moved all the furniture our of this room and we likely to uncover more floorboards which would need sanding, we decided last weekend was a good time for our mini-demolition project!
Apologies for the very blurry photos!  I didn't realise they were quite so bad when I took them!

A view of the shelves from the dining room!

First, find the hidden screws holding the shelves to the wall!

Oh there's one!  Can you see?

Clearer now?

Almost there...



And repeat, and repeat, and repeat...

Oh there's something there...

Looking like original wallpaper!

A quick remove and tidy up and we found panelling! We're going to leave the plastering to the professionals.  But I really enjoyed seeing parts of the house's history and enjoyed the pulling and dragging - the house is starting to feel like ours!


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