Shanghai South Bund Fabric Market

On my January trip to Shanghai, I stopped off to get some clothes made in the Shanghai South Bund fabric market (inspired by Miss Celia's Pants).  Unfortunately I can't find the photographs I took of the market - what an interesting place!  I happily lost myself there for a few hours and even wandered down the back alleys behind the market.  I ended up buying some lovely fabric and buttons.

Unfortunately my clothes weren't all as great as expected.  I got a Chinese style silk dress but it really doesn't fit me - I don't think they were able to handle making dresses for large breasts! I'll give stall no. 189 and Bowang Dressmakers a miss the next time.

The second set of clothes - two pairs of trousers made from a pair I owed - also didn't work out.  The fabric for the two pairs that turned up at my hotel (unfortunately while I was out exploring) didn't match my fabric choices in the shop (a lot cheaper and much shiner!).  Definitely going to give stall No. 304, Julie or Tong Xiao Feng a massive miss - really unimpressed!

However I couldn't be happier with my final dress.  They made an exact replica of a black linen dress with black cotton lining.  Great work and definitely worth a revisit if I'm passing through Shanghai again - I would definitely recommend stall no. 306 under Ji Guo Xing and Ji Hai Nan.


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