Snapshots of Wellington

I've been busy, busy, busy this past week and really need to work through my photos.  I've finished my 'commission' for cards for a friend and will post those in stages soon.  I've also been making a few recently as well.  I've been a bit shocked to discover just how much crafting supplies I had left in Ireland and will try to get through as much of them as possible (card and paper mostly) before I go back to NZ in December.  I'm loving being back in Ireland though and have just bought a fantastic bike.  I'm whizzing in and out of work and today when I met some friends in Dublin city centre for a catch up was able to whizz home afterwards from the train station!  The downside is that I seem to carry my helmet with me everywhere.  :)  I went for drinks with my old pottery instructor and can't wait to start back at pottery classes this September.  I will master that wheel! Have a lovely evening, CM :D


  1. Those paintings on that building are so funny and creative too. The little white house with the picket fence is darling. Love it! We have a Wellington too. Just a bit south of us. Its the home of the International Polo Club and such.

  2. Glad your enjoying your time at home. Love the little white house so pretty and girly. It looks a little lost among all those high buildings. Sounds like you have been busy since you got home. Enjoy the weekend

    All things nice...

  3. Thanks - the house reminds me of the house in Disney's up! It currently houses a very nice restaurant.


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