I bought this envelope template in Muji in Hong Kong airport (I had WAY too many hours to kill there on the flight back to Ireland).  I haven't managed to use it yet as I'm still working through card packs that come with envelopes so I wonder how its going to work out when I run out!  I also managed to fill my time in Hong Kong with a back and leg massage and a bit of crochet!  The massage was great - exactly what I needed before the next long haul flight to Frankfurt.  It really is a bit of a mission to get back to Ireland.  I'm stopping over in Shanghai in December on my way back to New Zealand and much prefer that option but unfortunately work commitments meant that I had to fly straight home this time.


  1. You could make pretty envelopes out of scrapbooking paper or even pretty magazine pages. I always think they look so much nicer and lovely to receive too.

  2. Oh I didn't think of magazine pages - what a great idea! Thank you!


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