Sweet Sorbetto

Prior to my Brazil trip I made two Colette Sorbetto tops.  Sorbetto is a free pattern with two darts and a front fold. I really like the pattern but had to add quite a bit to the bust.  I really want to get my head around pattern alterations this year (as well as knits!).

I amended the pattern to fit a larger bust but the darts aren't quite in the right place for my still wearable muslin.

I also had to take it in under the armholes.

My second attempt was a definite improvement.  

The darts are in a much better place.  Fabric was a left over from an earlier dress which I can't seem to find on my blog.  

I messed up the binding a bit and it dragged the fabric out at the hem and armholes.

All in all - very useful for the warmer Brazilian weather but not the greatest fit when it was on.  The neckline doesn't sit right.  I think I may have overfit on the bust but it may also be a poor fit on the shoulders.  I've got quite narrow shoulders.  I've signed up for another craftsy class to help figure it out.  On my too long list of sewing things to do this year!


  1. I'm sewing this soon so thanks for the fit tips.

  2. Best of luck!! I've one or two adjustments to still make - a hollow chest adjustment.


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