Red A Line Skirt

An A Line skirt (Butterick B4710 See & Sew) with fabric a brac fabric.  I have enough left to make another skirt at some stage.  I really have a hard time getting destashing fabric!

This was another holiday wardrobe make and worked really well.

Sorry for the wrinkled photos.  These are from Brazil and the hotel room didn't have an iron.  Its a comfy skirt.  

I think the lining was from a Fabric Hoarders swap.


  1. Cute! I love that fabric 😄

    Want me to include it in one of the things-made-from-fabric-a-brac-finds blog posts on the fabric-a-brac blog?

  2. This fabric is awesome. I'm the same as you - use fabric to see de-stress, but I'd there's a metre of fabric left back into the stash it goes! After all some day u might be able to make something out of that piece!


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