Mabels and Espressos

I've been on a bit of a knit spree.  I've made a matching set of Espresso leggings and two Mabel skirts.

I love the kick pleat on the Mabel skirt.  Such a comfy pattern.  Though the fabric doesn't have a lot of recovery so the waistband tends to grow over the day.  I really needed to put an elastic in the waistband.

So pleased with all four pieces.  The espresso leggings are such a great pattern (that's my notes with the pattern above!)- you print it out and measure yourself.  Then match up your measurements to the dots on the pattern and viola - you have a personalised pattern!  I left an exposed waist band and deliberately have it sitting on my natural waist - which is ridiculously high.


The second Mabel was a bit clingy so I self lined it.  The fabric is very stretchy so my double stitch on the hem has already popped a few times.  I need to unpick and sew it using a zigzag instead.

Leggings: spotlight - cotton with some spandex for recovery and stretch
Mabel 1: Grey pinstrip - Fabric-a-brac fabric (not sure what its made from)
Mabel 2: donated to me by another Fabric Hoarder.  Not sure what is!


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