Dune House

A few months ago, I was browsing online for a weekend break and discovered this unique option.  Strangely similar to the water room in the movie Dune. 

Yes, that is Kapiti Island framed in the window.

Its located on Peka Peka Beach and called SoleMer.  Its a recent build by Fritz Eisenhofer.  

Because of the cost, we (and two friends) stayed just one night.

The master bathroom was stunning.

And the pool was a beautifully designed area - but unfortunately not heated (it was FREEZING!).  The heat (or lack thereof) did take from the night away but it was a fun night with friends and we even managed a run on the beach and some outlet shopping in Otaki.  The house is a strange one.  A recent build but with single glazing.  A futuristic feel but no solar panels or other 'new' systems. I wouldn't run back there again but I was so pleased to get the chance to stay in the first place.

Obviously I managed to bring my crochet (and yes, I'm STILL working on the blanket).

Oh and a trip to Levana Textiles in Levin.


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