This was my wonderful Halloween costume.  I had originally planned on going as a mermaid when I found the strange blue shiny fabric in my stash but then wasn't happy with the typical mermaid tops (I'm not wearing a bikini top to a party!).  So it became a shark...

I adapted an A-line skirt pattern for the tail - and even fully lined it and put in a zipper.

The t-shirt was the only non-stash portion of the project as I had to buy something to attach the shark fin to the back.  I did spent the night trying not to hit into people or knock over glasses.  But given that my first idea was to use cardboard, I could at least sit on a stuffed fin!  

Its come in handy recently when we had a three year old house guest - who thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as a shark and attacking people.
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  1. Ah! I love it :) its so simple yet so brilliant! Oh, I love sharks.


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