Christmas haul

Its the last day in January, but I can still talk about the wonderful things I got for Christmas, right???
Ooophs.  Better late than never.  I got a wonderful collection of beautiful papers (which I promptly dug into to make some cards) from one wonderful lady.  I also got a fantastically, steampunky necklace by Jules Vine.  Adore!  Its little window opens up and you can remove the little beads (I'm trying very hard not to give into temptation and open it too often!).  The five keys are possibly the most cutesy, fairy tale like item I own.  I think I might like it a bit too much so I'll stop rambling about it now... But check out the etsy store - some really beautiful work.

I also received homemade rosemary olive oil, all tied up with this lovely felt handmade ornament.  Thank you, wonderful crafty friend!

I also got a selection of cards which made my heart sing for a number of different reasons.  The cut out card above is stunning!  Unfortunately when I was taking them down and pulling out bits to go into my craft stash, I tore it :(  The London scene card was from the generous Debbie in London.  I sent Debbie a little gift earlier in the year - I just chose someone from my comments and asked if they wouldn't mind!  Thankfully Debbie replied and I sent on something.  She saved my address I got a wonderful surprize opening my Christmas cards!  So pleased!

One of my talented, graphic designer friends sent a great card she designed herself.  I love it!

And this little nugget was knitted up specially for our cats by the partner of the felt ornament.  The cats weren't too impressed the first night but got really into it when our guests had gone home!   
And finally, I bought this snow globe set for a friend who was staying with us over Christmas.  Unfortunately the chains were broken between the train carriages - thankfully some quick beading tools later, it was all steaming ahead.

I really had a lovely, sun-filled Christmas :)

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  1. Looks like you got some lovely gifts for Christmas, January went by very quickly this year, it tends to be a long month after christmas but this year it went fast, the weather is horrible here in Ireland, roll on Spring time... it's probably your Autumn there is it?

    All things nice...

    1. Strangely Feb and March are the best months. We're having a wonderful, sunny, dry spell in Wellington - minus the wind which is even better!

  2. You got some very nice gifts. But I love your choice of the snow globe train the best. Wishing you a wonderful and crafty year ahead.

  3. I used to love snow globes when I was little, I think I need a snow globe in my life again!

    Glad you liked the card :)


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