lavender sachets

I finally put together a step by step process of how I make lavender sachets.  I love the smell of lavender, especially fresh lavender in the garden.  We don't have much of it in our garden since we moved and I'll have to remedy the situation this summer!  So in the middle of winter its nice to have a sachet in the sock drawer so it can infuse through my clothes and I also - if I'm a bit stressed going to bed - leave a sachet under my pillow.

So on to the supplies: fabric, ribbon,  lavender, sewing machine, thread, needle (to close up the sachet), some paper to make a funnel and a spoon to fill the sachet with lavender.  I also tend to embellish the finished sachet by either sewing on buttons or ribbon.  It can also be cute to embroider a word or design on to the fabric before you stitch it up.
Start with a rectangle of fabric.  The finished sachet will be the size of this strip folded in two and less 1.5cm (for the seam allowance) on the cut sides.

Pin it up with a loop of ribbon pinned to the inside.  Its usually best to leave a little extra peeping out over the seam allowance so you know where you've placed it.  I also like to place it in the middle of the end opposite the folded side so I can gauge the middle more easily (as both sides will need a seam allowance rather than one.

Sew the three open sides leaving about 3cm of a gap from the end.  You can leave this gap in the middle or at a corner.  Turn your sachet the right side out.

Make a funnel out of paper. I find this a lot easier than just spooning the lavender directly into the sachet as it tends to go everywhere because its so light.

Insert into the open section.  Spoon in the lavender.  Try not to over fill it (in other words - not bursting at the seams).

Sew up by hand and embellish with buttons or ribbons as you see fit!  Sniff and enjoy!  If your sachet starts to lose its scents, you can add a few drops of lavender oil to get things smelling nicely again.

This little guy was a recent experiment in patchworking and using up scraps.  Its currently scenting my sock drawer!


  1. Nice idea. In India we have sandalwood sachets, a bit heady but I guess we have got used to it. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. We have a huge lavender bush, but I have never done anything with the lavender - how do you dry it, does it need to be somewhere dark? I would quite like to make some lavender bags, another thing I have always wanted to try is these lavender wands

    1. Unfortunately I have no idea - we haven't got enough lavender in the garden to try yet :( but some day....
      Those wands could be pretty fun to make


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