evening bag and an orchid

Another long term WIP - a minimum of 6 years in progress - eeek!  I can't remember when I bought the fabric for this bag and cut it out!  I even had bits of it sewn up but then moved on to other things.  But finally finished!  Hurray!  The bag was a Kwik Sew pattern I obviously downloaded from somewhere and even has hefty interfacing.

Below is an orchid one of our house guests gave us when they left.  I really don't have green fingers so BM is managing to keep it alive and I'm just enjoying it!  I love the pot we bought for it and BM is happy to keep the plant stand (which I can't stand!).
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  1. I really should deal with all my WIPs! Mine are mostly knitting related, and my usual trick is to finish the item and never get around to making it up, as I don't like that part! One of these days I will get them out and deal with them all at once. One day....


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